Prayer for 2021

Prayer for 2021

Hey Jesus, I’m praying for a renewal in my life. I pray that you may renew my mind, my heart and my hope. As I fall down at your feet I humble myself before you and I say Lord, have mercy on me. Forgive me for my sins. I offer you all my praise and I ask that you accept my sacrifice. Jesus I need healing and I need cleansing.

2020 surrounded me with death. I was hurt and disappointed and I ask that you heal me. Tell me to pick up my mat and start walking and I’ll get up and walk . I wait for your power to touch my life. I know that when I place this disappointment and hurt in your hands it will turn into joy and peace . I know that it will come back as a healed heart. I know that you have the power to give me hope again, you have the power to make me dream a new dream, you are my strength and as long as you’re in it with me I know there’s no need to give up but I have no choice but so stand up.

Let your  Resurrection power raise the warrior in me, let it raise my praise higher and louder till it reaches the windows of heaven. Let it raise up my dreams and my hope. In 2021 when you speak all things will obey and bow down. I thank you for the life you’ve given me. I thank you that I made it through and I stand here today with another opportunity to declare your name greater than all names. In your name I pray. Amen.

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