Rest my darling

Rest my darling

I really wanted to talk to you guys about the seasons in our life and how we need to embrace them. So often we don’t embrace our seasons because we’re too busy focused on other people’s seasons, trying to catch up as if this is a race. God told me that he is grounding me in this season and he has to keep me planted and that’s what I’ve been running away from because, let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want to be in harvest season?? I don’t know what’s next for me but I know I need to stay grounded where God has placed me in this season of my life. It’s been such a long journey. For the first time I haven’t been on my knees begging God to heal me because I’m already in the process of healing. It’s good where I am. I just haven’t been able to enjoy because I refuse to rest. So today I want to encourage you to figure out your season, embrace it, then surrender everything to Jesus. I’ve since learnt to detach from everyone’s expectations of me and focus on Jesus and what God wants me to do. I’m exhausted as I write this and I all I want to do is sleep but I know that this is the work that I’ve been entrusted with in the kingdom. And although I’m on rest mode. People’s souls will always come first to what I want.

Hey everyone!
Today’s blog is about rest. Alot of my blog posts come from conversations I have with God and the experiences I’ve had on my salvation journey. I’ve since been trying to adjust to life post hospital. I haven’t had any desire to create or write something because half the time I’m numb from my meds. It’s been a rollercoaster experience, moving from house to house trying to find the best environment for me to heal. The problem is people expect instant healing from me and that’s not how it works. As much as it’s hard on them to see me go through this pain. It’s twice as hard for me because I literally have to pull myself up every single day and show up normal. Yesterday I had one of my down moments since I got home and I was so overwhelmed I decided to have a chilled day and spend time alone. I had to sit and fight this depressive wave because I’ve got work to get done but I have zero energy to do anything. Although this isn’t a season of turmoil for me, it’s been hard to navigate what season I’m in. Last night I decided to just meditate and play worship music and pray. As I started thinking of the things I’m grateful for, I realised God just wants me to rest and enjoy his favour over my life. With my support system around me I realised its OK to relax and that’s what everyone has been trying to get me to do. Just rest! I keep fighting God on this one because I feel like I need to get to work and create but God has placed me in a position to just rest and surrender everything to him. I’m so tired of fighting but I won’t give up.

I am resting

God, I thank you for giving me the strength to endure every season, thank you for the grace to get through my toughest and roughest days. I thank you for inspiring me and giving me the fuel to keep going. Thank you for loving me and every portion of who I am. Thank you that your grace carries me and that you care so much for me that whatever heavy load I carry you are willing to lift it up. I repent of all my sins and I ask that breakthrough may take place and your light leads me into my destiny. Help me not to rush the process but learn from it. Help me to embrace my now season. Help me to trust you by revealing more of your truth to me. I am nothing without you. Thank you God for life and a new day to start all over again. Amen.

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