The blessing

The blessing

2 Timothy 1:5
“I remember the sincere faith you have, the kind of faith that your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice also had. I am sure that you have it also.”

I’ve been listening to The Blessing by Elevation Worship and I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. It wasn’t until I came across this scripture that I understood how powerful the Spirit of God is. As a person who only heard of God and was taught God from a very young age. I assumed that growing up in the church and going to Christian schools laid the foundation for my belief. Although that is true, my faith began even before I made my entrance here on earth. While God was knitting me together in my mother’s womb, it was the womb that he placed me in that was significant. The womb contributes to my destiny and my purpose.

In the process of figuring out my life and trying to piece together the broken parts of me I have discovered that the thing that kept me going was my faith. I was doing a quick study of all the things that landed me where I am today and I noticed and highlighted that my grandmother and mother were both God-fearing women. My first memory of both of them is how they were just both dedicated to God and were so committed  to the church. They both were women of faith that believed in God and tried their best to display the characters of godly women and individuals that followed Christ and put their faith in God. Everything they ever taught me included prayer, believing only in one God and serving. My grandmother was not ashamed of her faith and she made it very clear to everyone who her God was and who she put her faith in. It was never in the earthly things and all I remember is how her focus was on heaven. My mother on the other hand wasn’t so vocal about her faith but she demonstrated it in her dedication to serving and loving others. My mother had this gracious pose that she inherited from my grandmother.

Years later, although lost in the middle, with God opening my eyes to the truth of his love and the knowledge of who he is. I have been pursuing a life that reflects the faith that has been passed down to me. The note I left in my Bible next to the scripture reads :” It did not start with you, it started with a praying grandmother, and she passed it down to your mother and now you”. I took a mental note today, that God’s blessing, which is our faith is passed down from generation to generation. God, then told me that this blessing cannot end with me, it needs to be passed down to the generations to come. If you read the following verse you will see that we  need to guard this gift but what does that mean? I’m guessing it means I have the responsibility to preserve that faith by continuing to believe in God and live a life that is worthy of being called a Christ follower, followed by displaying that to my future children. I need to keep this legacy going. Why is this so important to me? It shows me that I’m not random, that I am a part of God’s greater plan, that my life is not mistake, that my heartbeat is for a purpose, that I  have an important role in the kingdom, which is teaching future generations of the gospel. It shows me that God was thinking about me this whole time and it  shows me that God placed me in my mother’s womb specifically because  God had equipped her to pass down the favour and the blessing to fulfill my destiny. Not only that, but I have  a whole lineage of prayers that I need to fulfill. I believe my ancestors believd  in God and every generation before my grandmother was waiting on God to deliver this family and bless the family name. I am my ancestors answered prayer. I often wondered why my mom named me Teboho which means Thanksgiving or Gratitude. Perhaps, when my mother held me for the first time she was filled with gratitude. She was grateful because she knew, even though her time was near, her dreams and prayers had come true but it doesn’t end with me.

I believe that we all have this blessing. If you are a first generation Christian and you don’t come from a family of believers. IT STARTS WITH YOU. Be the first to keep this blessing going and pass it down to the next generation. Be the Lois of your family line so your family can enjoy the favour, grace, love and blessing that God has available for all of us. Don’t let it stop with you. May his grace and peace be with you all. Amen

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